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Life of Prayer and Repentance

Words of Wisdom

Mother Theodora

Inner Life

"Dear beloved, strive to make the inner person a monastic, not just the outer one."
Mother Syncletica

Chastity, Humility, Love

"If the enemy sows lust in us, God grants us the weapon of chastity; if he introduces pride within us, we find the weapon of humility within our reach; and if he arouses hatred, we face him with love."
Mother Theodora

Stillness and Prayer

"Stillness and prayer are the best means for attaining virtues. Through them the brain is washed and achieves a pure and clear vision."
Mother Syncletica


"Obedience is a greater virtue than asceticism, however perfect. Asceticism carries within it the danger of pride, but obedience has within it the promise of humility."
Saint Mary of Egypt


"Now therefore, lead me wherever you please; Lead me to salvation, Teach me what is true, And go before me in the way of repentance."
Mother Syncletica

Seeking the Path of Ascetical Life

“In the beginning the labor and toil is difficult for those who come to work for God in stillness and silence; later it becomes indescribable joy. Just as those who wish to start a fire are at first filled with smoke and shed tears, but they cannot reach the goal in any other way; so too are those who desire to start within themselves the divine fire - they ignite it with tears and toil, in stillness and silence.”