The Convent

ornament1By the grace of God and prayers of our beloved Abbot, His Grace Bishop Youssef, St. Mary Convent established its first branch and officially opened its doors in Daytona, Florida in 2006 welcoming consecrated sisters from Egypt.

St. Mary Retreat House

ornament1Individuals who are looking to escape the worries and cares of the world and to spend quiet time in prayer and reflection with our Lord Jesus Christ, may come on a spiritual retreat at the convent.

Coptic Monasticism

ornament1Coptic Monasticism’s strong and beautiful history carries with it a stream of Saints whose lives attest to a profound love for our Lord Jesus Christ.

H.G. Bishop Youssef

ornament1Leaving the world behind and following the calling in his heart, our beloved father joined the Syrian Monastery in the Nitrian Desert in 1986.

Words of Wisdom

  • desert-mother-2Mother Syncletica

    Chastity, Humility, Love

    "If the enemy sows lust in us, God grants us the weapon of chastity; if he introduces pride within us, we find the weapon of humility within our reach; and if he arouses hatred, we face him with love.
  • desert-mother-2Mother Syncletica


    Obedience is a greater virtue than asceticism, however perfect. Asceticism carries within it the danger of pride, but obedience has within it the promise of humility.
  • 11_sept_theodora_of_alexandriaMother Theodora

    Stillness and prayer

    "Stillness and prayer are the best means for attaining virtues. Through them the brain is washed and achieves a pure and clear vision."