Oh come, let us worship and bow down; let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker!

~Ps. 95:6

These are our rules and guidelines for all visitors, guests, and conventions:

Dress Code

You are visiting a Convent, if you wish to enter the holy grounds, you should be dressed appropriately:
+ Women are asked to dress modestly, without excessive makeup or accessories skirts must be well below the knees; shorts are prohibited, as well as short-skirts, tight skirts, tight jeans, sleeveless blouses, and tank-tops.
+Children of all ages should be dressed appropriately. Shorts are prohibited for all children.

General conduct on the premises

+ Always walk quietly and maintain a low speaking volume at all times.
+ Use of the swimming pool is prohibited.
+ Children are to be attended to at all times.
+ Absolutely no recreational activities on the convent grounds (i.e. soccer, bicycle…)
+ Use of cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol is strictly forbidden.


+ Your personal pets are not allowed on the convent premises.

Overnight Stay

+ All retreatants must bring their own bed sheets (twin), pillow case, and towels.
+ The Retreat House observes quiet time from 10PM to 4AM, during this time, no one is to be outside of their rooms.
+ Please ask permission should you like to move any furniture in the rooms.
+ Please do not eat or drink in the rooms.
+ We turn off lights and air conditioning for heating and cooling when not in room.
+ Cleaning products are under the sink in every room, please leave the room as clean and tidy as you received it.

General conduct during worship

+ All prayers must be attended. No Loitering during hours of prayer.
+ Women’s heads must be covered at all times when in church.
+ Photographing and videotaping is not permitted.

Dining Hall

+ Prayers must be said before meals.
+ Dinning Hall must be cleaned after every meal.
+ All chairs brought outside must be returned, after use.
+ Do not leave any garbage outside or throw anything in the lake.

Retreat Termination or Permanent Ban Will Occur if You or Your Group:

  1. Damages, defaces or removes any convent property;
  2. Fails to comply with the convent rules and guidelines;
  3. Causes disturbance;
  4. Makes use of cigarettes, alcohol or drugs on the property.