Visiting St. Mary & St. Demiana Convent

We welcome all visitors who would like to spend the day at the convent and partake of the blessing of the the daily prayers.

+ Visiting hours are daily from 6AM to 8PM.
+ Divine liturgy is prayed from 6Am to 8AM on non-fasting days and 12PM to 2PM on fasting days.
+ Lunch is served at 1PM on non-fasting days and at 2PM on fasting days.
+ Communal prayer from the Coptic Book of Hours is held daily at 5PM.
+ Dinner is served at 7PM daily.

Please click here for a full list of rules & guidelines.

Non-Orthodox Visitors Policy

Non-Orthodox denominations must believe in the statement of faith of the Coptic Orthodox Church in order to utilize St. Mary and St. Demiana Convent. The Nicene Creed (“Orthodox Creed”) is the statement of faith of the Coptic Orthodox Church, written in the early fourth century by one of the Coptic Church’s most important figures, St. Athanasius the Apostolic.

Please click here for the statement of faith.

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