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My kids and my husband are give me hard times everyday. My daughter always staying away from me and lies on me. My other kids love me more than her but they always hate each other. My husband always working I feel like he prefers work than staying with us. He never know our issues. The house became like a hotel for everyone and I’m the housekeeper of that hotel.
Please pray for us. I have no family members here in America and need the feeling of having a family

A frustrated mom

Please remember me in your prayers. Thanks! God bless.


I’ve been struggling with depression for years and I’m just so tired of not having a happy place in life and tired of the emptiness this adds to my life. This world we live in is so confusing at times and the depression doesn’t make it easy to fight the rest. I realized late in life the things I wanted from it because I never thought I deserved anything. And I want to have good things I just don’t know where to turn back or how to move forward. After everything has fell apart. I pray I find strength through Christ to battle my days.

Don Sea

Please pray for my severe depression and anxiety that is negatively impacting my life and family that God may alleviate or heal me from these conditions. Please pray that God alleviates or heals my dry cough and throat from the medication I have to take and that God helps me with this issue as it is negatively impacting my life. Amen.


Please pray for baby Lukas to heal his arms and to be normal without any medical procedure. Thsnks.


Please pray for Butler High School in Matthews, NC and the two boys involved in a recent shooting. Please pray for the boy who died and please pray for the boy who faces prison.


Hi my name is steve maged bochra 30 years old from chicago and was born in Egypt and came in America as immigrants. I preached to many people in usa and around the world by internet and I preached in Egypt christianity and they kick me out of Egypt. My saint intercessor is Saint the great in Saint Abanoub Elnehesy and I want to be martyr like him. I want to be a martyr. Please pray that I do not lose my crown in heaven. Amen. Bye. Your son steve bochra

Steve Bochra

Please pray for my son, James and daughter, Michele who are both trying to get employment at my company. They both have had many difficulties. I am hoping for good things and success with the help of prayers.


Please pray for my mom who is sick.
Thank you.


Please ask the Lord on my behalf to let HIS WILL BE DONE , and to guide me to a path of everlasting life with Him , and to teach my daughter the Love of Christ through my actions and living a Holy Life To please Him


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