This is our prayer wall – a place where prayer requests are submitted and posted so that we can share in the blessing of praying for one another.


Please keep my son Mina in your prayers, he is going to have a really hard surgery on Wednesday May 30th for his both foot and will be unable to walk for three month. I’m really nervous and need prayer for this long time to pass safely.


Please pray for my daughter to stop lying and to love her family like before and to turn her ear away from her friends and that God open her ear's, eye's and heart to do what is pleasing to Him.


Destinee, now 20 shot in head 16 months ago.Miracle physical recovery.Has forgiven attacker. Needs prayer for right foot and leg. Pray for spiritual and emotional healing and for a hedge of protection from false friends now and in future.


Please pray for my friend. She has a very important legal trial and the person she is going against has been incredibly hard to deal with and has hurt her severely. Pray that the outcome is good for her and that she receives justice for her pain.


Please pray for Morcos Botros , he traveled from Egypt to Jermany . Ask God to straight his ways

Nermine Magdy Youssef

Please pray for me as I am humbled and broken. I have become hopeless and resentful. Please pray for my children that the Lord may touch their hearts and bring them back to him. Pray for my husband and God’s will to be done in my marriage.


please please please pray that I spend more time with the Lord at home, church, spiritual meetings and activities. please pray for my children that the Lord may help them find Godly spouses. please pray that I no longer have fears and anxiety at home and that the Lord may solve my problems so the fears can be eliminated and replaced by His peace. thank you.

i love the Lord

Pray that I may get closer to God and build a deeper relationship with Him. Pray that I may also get rid of a habitual sin which is keeping me from Him, and to remove my laziness and replace it with active passion in all I do. Pray that He guides me down the path He has made for me, and for wisdom that I may understand the path.


Protect and make our land rich in soil at St. Mark Coptic Orthodox Church Myrtle Beach, SC. We pray to plant the seeds in our children that they may live and carry own God's work. We pray over every boy and girl currently attending and those that have not arrived yet. Continue to pray for Father Antony and all the servants for their load is never light. May our hearts always search for Jesus and our feet stay planted under the cross. Amen


Please pray for my mother Elaine Guirguis, we just discovered that she has cancer which is spreading out into other organs. She is doing Radiation every day and is taking its toll on her. Also make mention of her children: Lydia, Joseph, Neama and John and their families.
Thank you and God bless.

Joseph Guirguis

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