This is our prayer wall – a place where prayer requests are submitted and posted so that we can share in the blessing of praying for one another.

Jesus please guide two young adults to You. Please show them what is right and what is true and how blessed they are to be in your church and in their family. St Mary and St Demiana please intercede for them. Amen.


Jesus, I pray for my uncle’s health and a successful surgery for him. Please protect him and surround him with your saints and angels and help his family feel at peace. Please let there be no complications or serious side effects. Please take care of his wife and children and grandchildren. St Mary and St Demiana, please intercede for him. Amen.


Please pray for me, as I am struggling with my mental health. Pray for my family as we are all struggling with different things in love, including poverty.

Ashley Andrews

Lord thank you for being so merciful to me a sinner. Please let me get all A's on my finals so my grades can be excellent and I can mae my mother happy because she works so hard. Please take my anxiety, and bad thoughts away and help me do Your Will. Give me real Joy and let me inherit Your Kingdom. Have mercy on me a sinner. Please Holy Virgin Mary and Sain Demiana pray for me so I can inherit the Kingdom and help me do good and not sin. Pray for me in everything. Please nuns at the convent pray for me and ask God to have mercy on me and take my anxiety away. Pray so that I can give everything to Him and not fear. Pray so I can be thankful and pleasing in the sight of God. Amen.


I am struggling in my life and I need to have healing in the most important relationship of my life. Everything I know and can think of and have tried has not worked. I ask you Jesus to take this on and carry this burden as it’s too heavy for me and I can’t do this. Please carry this for me and heal the suffering. St Mary and St Demiana please intercede for me.


Please pray for my eyesight and deteriorating vision that God may restore and heal my vision and help me with my eye problems. Please pray that God may heal my hormones, severe depression with dark thoughts, severe anxiety and panic attacks and help me with my deteriorating health. Pray that I lose weight and get to a healthy weight as my extreme weight gain is negatively affecting my health. Pray that God heals my broken, deteriorated and distant marriage and help my family. Pray that God helps us with the big decision regarding my child’s high school and brings me and my husband on the same page. Amen.



Thank You Lord for being so merciful to me a sinner. Please continue to have mercy on me. Please let me get a 1200+ on the SAT so I can do dual enrollment. Thank you Lord. Please my Holy Virgin and Saint Demiana pray for me so I can achieve this score and make my mother happy-she works so hard. Please let her take Holy Communion. Amen!


Please keep Samer Sultan in your prayers. Samer has been dealing with a lot of mental health issues due to stress. He’s been dealing with anxiety and depression which has caused him to end his 6 month relationship with me, detach from everyone, has become angry and upset with everyone which is affecting his relationship with his family. Please pray that he heals from all this and strengthens his faith in the lord.


Please pray for me , i have been trying to get pregnant almost 3 years and I am now 39yrs old. I prayer for St Demiana intercession for me so I may be granted the gift to bring a child of god to the world.


PLease pray for me as I am in a very stressful, distant, and deteriorating marriage and suffering due it. Pray that God heals my broken and distant marriage and helps us. Pray that my daughter does well in her HSPT exam and that God blesses her exam. Pray for my severe depression, anxiety, and panic attacks that negatively affect my life, health, and everyday activities. Pray that God heals me or gives me strength to get through. Pray that God heals the cyst on my eye and that nothing bad happens from it. Pray that God helps me as I am struggling with being a single mom while my husband is deployed and that everything goes smoothly without problems. Pray that God blesses and helps our family. Pray that God helps and supports my elderly parents who are alone. Amen.


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