This is our prayer wall – a place where prayer requests are submitted and posted so that we can share in the blessing of praying for one another.


Please pray for me:
1. That God would help me with my salvation. That I could resist all the works of satan and be able to control my feelings and emotions.
2. That God would guide me to His will and to show me if consecration is the right path for me.


Please pray for God to:
– continue giving me His understanding & wisdom
– humble me
– let it be according to His will in my career life and relationships


Please pray for me and my family that God may bless us.


Please let us all pray for the whole wide world in regards to the Coronavirus. Pray the Lord has mercy and compassion for everyone effected in this devastating time.

Please God forgive us of all our sins. Help us to repent and live righteous lives that is pleasing to you Lord.


Please pray for me to overcome a very bad eating disorder that has enslaved and crippled me for over 20 years. By the power and glory of God, He will help me to overcome this situation. Please pray for this. Thank you and God bless.


Please pray for me, pray that the Lord forgives me of my many, many, past sins that have caused me spiritual, mental and physical decay and sickness. I suffer now the bad consequences of my past sins and want to let others know and come to realise that your sin will destroy you if you keep doing it and not asking for God's forgiveness and repenting.

Pray to God please to forgive me, strengthen me to repent everyday and to be pure, cleansed, refined, redeemed and renewed inside and outside of myself to be the pure spirit and daughter of God.

Please pray for me to have a loving, stronger, solid, consistent relationship with God. Pray please that I come to know God closely and intimately and that I love and obey God wholeheartedly and unconditionally.

Through the intercessions of our Lord Jesus Christ, St. Mary, St. Demiana and St. Marina. I ask and pray from my heart for this.

Thank you and God bless.


Please pray for these two little girls.
Selena will be doing another biopsy and another little girl named Aubrina has brain cancer. Please please pray for them.


Please continue to intercede for my prayers. According to the Glory in Christ Jesus, pray that the Lord will involve Me and my Job, with a protection that no weapon formed against us will prosper, and may the Lord pour out the Holy Spirit on Maria de Nazare & MIchele Rios, so that she may come closer to God. Blessed are the aspects of our lives, amen. Thank you!


i am an orthodox tewahdo believer. i am trying to be a Godly person. try to walk on the right path. please pry for me to stay forever on God’s arm and also i am single person never been in any relation ship. currently i am ready to get married and looking for the right guy please pray for me that God will hear my prayer and grant me the question i asked as his will! God blessed you and might St holy virgin prayer be with all of us!

Askale silassie

Please pray for my ex, as he has a serious condition. Please pray that he gets the help and support he needs.

Please pray for the safety of my daughter, who is going to travel next week far from home, for her to be safe and come home safely.


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