This is our prayer wall – a place where prayer requests are submitted and posted so that we can share in the blessing of praying for one another.

Please lord you know how tough it can be to lose a close one to you and to go through tough times and moments please help my friend whos struggling you know how much of an amazing heart she has don’t let her tears tear her apart and please God stand with her you know how tough life can be for people. And finally dear lord help me with my spiritual life and help me get closer to you lord and if I can do anything to help someone please guide me the right words and path please help me with my school and studies and help me enjoy my presence with you oh lord amen


Dear father suffering from debts and basic needs and worried about my daughters future in jesus name amen



I am a young man who is struggling with purity. This has been a problem for me some time. It makes it impossible to pray and my prayer life is non-existent. Please pray for me to overcome these difficult struggles.

Thank you,
Eddie Stoessel

Eddie Stoessel

Dear father am suffering from debts and basic needs pls pray for my family and bless my daughter in jesus name amen


Prayers for my friend is suicidal and wont go to anyone for help and is relying on his friend who doesn't know how to help him.


Prayers for my brother in law and his wife’s marriage and his struggles with his work and family situation. Lord Jesus please have mercy on him.


Prayers for the marriage of my father in law and his wife who are struggling in their marriage. Lord Jesus please shine your light on their suffering and bring your love and peace into their marriage. They need a miracle to heal their marriage and to end the pain and suffering they are going through. Please make a path for them to you and to each other. Please heal their hearts.


Please pray that my brother in law and sisters company survives and flourishes so they may continue to provide for their children.


Please pray for me that my girlfriend Kimberly is no longer sick anymore she has a very bad illness had it for a long time now still in the hospital the doctors take away her illness right now respond to my Hotmail message I sent her Gmail message come onto messaging.


peace and grace
Please remember my son in your prayers, his classmates did something bad to him 😭😢😭😥


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