This is our prayer wall – a place where prayer requests are submitted and posted so that we can share in the blessing of praying for one another.

i want to know God’s love. his unfailing, eternal, faithtul love. Father’s love. i want to experience, and filled with this love. can you pray for me to meet the God you met? the God of Love? because i do need an enconuter of God’s love. i need Father.. can you pray for me?


Please pray for me as I struggle with severe depression, anxiety/panic attacks that are getting worse and more difficult to deal with. Pray that God heals me and has mercy on me or that HE gives me the strength bc I am suffering and struggling to cope. Pray that I never faint/pass out or lose control because of my panic attacks. Pray that God prevents me from getting bad panic attacks at church so I can enjoy my time with God and pray. Pray that God heals my hormones/PCOS and helps me lose weight and get to a healthy weight b/c my weight is negatively affecting my health. Pray that God heals my broken, lonely, and deteriorated marriage and restores it. Pray that God helps me through this difficult time and blesses this week. Amen.


Please pray for me as I struggle with severe depression, anxiety/panic attacks and it has been getting worse. Pray that God heals me and doesn’t let anything bad happen/pass out/faint or anything happen because of them and heals me and gives me victory. Pray that God helps me this week as I am alone and my spouse is traveling. Pray that God helps me and supports me while he is gone. Pray that God heals my body and hormones and helps me lose weight and get to a healthy weight. Pray that God heals my marriage and pray that God blesses me on my trip To Germany and let it be a safe and blessed trip. Amen.


Please pray for my girlfriend Alexa Bland as she is on a mission trip to Peru during this time of heavy political struggle in that country, that she and those who accompany her be protected from any harm and that they may love on those children and families that so desperately need it. Please also pray that our relationship may continue to be marked by Christ at our center, marked by pure love, and point towards the Lord in all we do together and for one another. Amen.

Kenneth Salazar

God, please just tell me what you want me to do. I don’t want to be the one making these decisions. I feel like you have just ignored me please please please come back. I am going crazy God. Im so stressed out just please give me happiness and peace. Tell me whether or not I should confess it more specidically or just move on and confess the new sins. God, I am so stressed nothing feels real. Please come back and restore Your Love and Joy in Your salvation to me.


Please God be with the child Matthew… he is an only child of Kathleen O’Connell. He suffers from brain damage. Be with them during this hard time. Amen


My friend is really struggling. Sally. She has been through so much and recently lost her brother. She is trying and waiting for God but losing hope. Can you pray that God give her grace and strength for all her burdens? And that she finds comfort and healing here on earth and also in heaven. And repose the soul of her brother, Michael. And for God to comfort and take care of his parents and her other brother too. And not just comfort, but joy and peace.


Jesus please protect my mom and sisters from harm. Guide them and be with them. They have no helper in their trials and tribulations but You. They need You and they need your peace and love for them. Bless them and heal them. Grant my mother and sisters blessings.


Jesus please heal my friend from her injuries. Fill her heart with your peace and love. Grant her a new path in her life


Please pray God would guide my father to salvation. That the Holy Spirit would give him a revelation of his sin.


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