This is our prayer wall – a place where prayer requests are submitted and posted so that we can share in the blessing of praying for one another.

Please pray for me so I can do well in my internship this summer and God willing get a full time offer or an offer from another tech company.

As well as my relationship with Christ to get strengthened and become my first priority throughout the distractions of life.


Recently iv been feelings down I don’t know what going on or what im missing or what im loosing but all I want is to get closer to god and im struggling very badly im going to visit the convent with a church group next week and I hope this visit changes my life and sometimes I cant tell if my friends are real or not or why sometimes I get treated badly but I have faith in god and hope he hears my prayers and yours:)


Please pray for me and my soul, pray that god reveals his will to me so that I may do it. pray for my family too as we are under spiritual and physical attack from the devil. Pray that my mother heals and becomes better than she was before, pray for the salvation of our family as they are not Christians. Please keep us in your prayers as we need all the prayers we can get, prayer is powerful, thank you all and I will pray for you all too :))


Please pray for my son Jonathan, he has a big exam this Friday, he has to pass it to stay in school , he is so worry


Peace & Grace,

Recently, I applied to several jobs and I am hoping that God will help me to be hired for the one that He has set apart for me. Please, pray for me that I may find a good job where I can use my talents for the benefit of my community and serve God.


Please pray for me I’m struggling with severe panic attacks that are debilitating my day to day life and negatively affecting my driving. Pray thatGod helps me and heals from this suffering and helps me. Pray that I don’t lose control when driving and having a panic attack. Amen.


Please pray for me and for my family. I have been in steep denial of my deceptiveness.
I regretfully have lived a terrible life of extreme selfishness. I need God’s mercy and forgiveness. I ask that my family not suffer due to my bad choices which have caused and will cause so much devastation. God have mercy.


Brett, 45 year old Christian male needs prayer for direction and God’s will in his life.Would like to find appropriate person to marry, a new and better job and deeper friendships.Fine man but unsure of himself.


Please pray for God to guide me and to grant me peace of mind and calm my troubled heart. To give me the strength and clarity of mind to keep going and walk the path He’s laid out for me.


Please pray that the good Lord change the hearts of my spouse and children as they are inundated by the things of this world and its distractions. Please pray God changes their hearts and mind so they may fear Him and repent. Pray that they have faith and return to following God’s plan for their salvation.


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