This is our prayer wall – a place where prayer requests are submitted and posted so that we can share in the blessing of praying for one another.


Please pray for these two little girls.
Selena will be doing another biopsy and another little girl named Aubrina has brain cancer. Please please pray for them.


Please continue to intercede for my prayers. According to the Glory in Christ Jesus, pray that the Lord will involve Me and my Job, with a protection that no weapon formed against us will prosper, and may the Lord pour out the Holy Spirit on Maria de Nazare & MIchele Rios, so that she may come closer to God. Blessed are the aspects of our lives, amen. Thank you!


i am an orthodox tewahdo believer. i am trying to be a Godly person. try to walk on the right path. please pry for me to stay forever on God’s arm and also i am single person never been in any relation ship. currently i am ready to get married and looking for the right guy please pray for me that God will hear my prayer and grant me the question i asked as his will! God blessed you and might St holy virgin prayer be with all of us!

Askale silassie

Please pray for my ex, as he has a serious condition. Please pray that he gets the help and support he needs.

Please pray for the safety of my daughter, who is going to travel next week far from home, for her to be safe and come home safely.


Please pray for our 18 year old son Jeremiah. He has been suffering a depression since his grandfather passed away. Grandfather passed before Jeremiah could see him to say goodbye due to other family concerns. He is angry and feels he was denied the chance to do this. Please pray for inner healing and peace for him.

Rachel Wallace

Please pray hard for my friend Marina. Her dad has just been diagnosed with cancer and he is young and has two young daughters. Pray God heals him.


In the name of the Father’s and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, One God. Almost all my prayer request I posted here months ago have came true. Thank you for your prayers, and Thank God for answering my prayers.
Please pray for my husband and myself that we are reunited and get married through the church and live a holy life setting good examples to our kids. Please pray that God blesses the work of our hands so that we can provide for our family better and not stress out or argue about money. Please pray that God blesses us with our own house to raise our children in according to His will. Amen

Ehte Yosef

Please pray for Sophia who is only 6 years old and is suffering from a lot of anxiety causing behavioral problems. She is a sweet kind child who truly loves God but is always choosing to do the wrong things. Please remember her and her mom in your prayers. So that both can find peace and love and kindness and affection towards each other in their relationship. Also please remember her son Samuael that God may keep him safe in his pathway. Amen


Please pray for Adieb and Samira Ghobrial – they were in a bad car wreck. Fractured so many bones, Adieb is in ICU.

Please pray for my sister, she has MS and things seem to be getting worse.

Please pray for me. My health is getting uncontrollably worse.


Father God I pray for spiritual, emotional, and physical guidance on this journey of life. I pray for forgiveness for sins of past, present and future. I thank you for always being near me , family, and friends. I thank you for the many blessings you have bestowed upon my life, and ask that you continue to enter my heart, soul, mind and body for the rest of my life. For I need you more than ever Father God. Amen


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