This is our prayer wall – a place where prayer requests are submitted and posted so that we can share in the blessing of praying for one another.

Please pray that I find someone God fearing and God loving to marry


The northern region of Ethiopia -Tigray – has been in a war for over 6 months. Civilians have been targeted for mass killing, imprisonment and abduction (especially females of all ages). Churches, monasteries and priests are also targeted.

The origin of Christianity in Ethiopia is in Tigray (Axum) and it has been a target and attacked by Eritrean troops till this day (with special interest in Monks (including old of age) who have been thrown out of monasteries violently – many died and injured.

It is horrific and is continuing.

A prayer has been announced for Tigray -we earnestly request your prayers trusting it will a make difference.


pray for my doughter she will have interview tomorrow.

god’s doughter

Please pray for my aunt Nevine. That the Lord may do what is good for her and fill her heart with His joy during her time of suffering and that He may grant her more time with us. Also pray for someone very dear to me, Mark, that God may take his hand and guide him towards and draw him near to Him again. Pray for he find inner peace, heavenly joy and a heart after Christ’s.


Hi, I need prayers for God's direction please. For God to fill my heart with Love instead of fear as I step out into His will.


I thank God for the good and the bad, He has allowed to happen in my life. He’s truly trust worthy, wise, and faithful. He’s calmed so many storms that were sure to drawn me with His grace so many times. He made my husband come and stay with me and the kids during this dark time.

I ask that you pray for me that God heals my c-section wound that opened up. I ask that you pray that my husband remains with us and help me out with caring for the kids as am not physically strong to do it on my own yet. I ask that you pray for my husband to be a good husband to me and loving, protecting, good father to his kids. I ask that you pray for him to have the Holy Spirit in his heart for guidance. I ask that you pray to us that he is faithful to our family and that he puts the interest of our family before his own interest. Amen. God bless you and answer your prayers.


Please pray for y Daughter Mary and her kids Josh and Gio. May God unite them and save them from All evil
Also Pray for Said, Janna, Francois and Stephanie

Also For Mac and Christina , May God guide them and grant them blessed children

Negwa E Brownfield

Please pray for my brother-in – law and sister,
Due to the lock down, their company is going bankrupt & they have no way of supporting their children. Please pray that God upholds them in these tough times and provides a way. Please pray for his company. & please pray my brother accepts Christ and becomes a godly man.


please pray for karam, nancy maggie and Abanoub
Thank you so much


Please pray for me that I obey and humble myself in the presence of the Lord, especially when He asks me to serve Him and His children. Please pray for me that God gives me the courage, strength, peace, guidance and wisdom to carry out His will, His purpose, His plan for my life. Please pray for me that I stop running away from God's plan, the way prophet Jonah ran away from God when He asked Jonah to preach to the word of God to the Ninevites. Please pray for me to WANT and LOVE to do God's will obediently, and pray that my desires align and unite as one with God's desires and plan for me. Pray for me that God removes the discomfort and fear from me, as these feelings are what is stopping me from doing His will. Please pray for me that I listen to God's TRUTH and not to Satan's LIES.

Please don't forget me in your prayers. God bless you abundantly.


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