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I need God more than ever recently. I’m in an odd place in my life and I’m not sure what to do. I’ve made some bad mistakes before but I’m trying to change my life to serve Jesus. Please help me ask the Lord to help me in this next stage of my life and to help me prepare for it as best as I could.


Please pray for my brother Dragan him for good healing, him for good a job, him for good financial blessing, he would like to win on the e.j.p. …please pray for him, thanks, God bless you …


Please father help me stay calm to study for my NAPLEX, and with your grace allow me to pass my exam. I take my exam in may and need prayers/ miracle to pass.


Please pray for my severe panic attacks/anxiety that are negatively impacting my life, health, work, and family. Pray that God heals me from this disease and doesn’t let me pass out/faint/lose control or let anything bad happen due to the panic attack. Please pray that God doesn’t allow us to live internationally and re-positions my husband in a job that doesn’t require travel. Pray that God heals my deteriorated and poor marriage as I feel completely alone and distant from my spouse who is unwilling to change that God may change us and heal this broken marriage. Pray that God heals my knees and helps me lose weight as the weight gain is negatively impacting my health and that HE heal my hormonal imbalance. Amen.


I just wanted everyone to be aware of the persecution that is taking place in Ethiopia right now. Abune Sawiros has ordained himself as ‘patriarch’ and ordained 26 new ‘bishops’ illegally. These ‘bishops’ Sawiros himself have been caught doing abominations to the cannon of the church. Sawiros has a wife and a son and the ‘bishops’ he ordained have been caught inappropriately assaulting nuns and monks secretly. As you can see, this goes against the apostle’s teaching and the church’s canon. The so-called ‘reason’ for this unlawful act is that there aren’t enough bishops for a certain ethnic region in Ethiopia called Oromia. This is completely false because the languages we speak and give service to God are many and the reason they gave made no sense. St. Paul tells us to reject those brothers who cause divisions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which we have learned and to avoid them. (Rom. 6:17) As if this wasn’t enough, the prime minister and the entire government are raiding into churches and entering the (mekdes) and shooting the priest and people who are in and going to the church. The holy Synodos ordered that all Ethiopian orthodox christians wear black clothes and fast for the last three days (which is also the fast of Nineveh) and they ordered that every church, in Ethiopia or America, give service and a congregational prayer. While we people in America can go out and buy black clothes to show our sadness and mourning for the martyrs and the church, people in Ethiopia have been denied access of black clothing in stores by the government and even if you wear black clothes and go to church, they won’t let you in. Just like we in America have riding services like “uber”, Ethiopia also has similar services.The government has ordered those riding companies to stop offering ride services if someone is going to church. This has created a major problem to our elderly mothers and fathers who cannot walk to church and people who live far away and do not have a car. As you can see, most of the ethiopian government is protestant and rebuke the orthodox way of truth, they have military all around the churches and you will literally get slapped in the face. (there is a video of a priest getting slapped in the face by a soldier) While we in America are able to show our mourning by wearing black and going to church, our brothers, sisters, mothers, and fathers in Ethiopia are being denied access to show their mourning properly. There has been a new order to protest in Ethiopia and the government revealed to the public that if anyone shows up at the protest, they will be killed. We are thankful for the new martyrs and saints that God has gave us and there will be more martyrdoms. There has never been a time more troubling as this since the century of martyrdom. People are also being arrested (maybe this is what our Lord means when He says “Did you visit me when I was in prison” – just a thought- I don’t know if that is right) My brothers and sisters, this is only the beginning. There have been earthquakes in Syria just like the time before the end times. There will also be protests in Atlanta for the matter but it is in enclosed areas where no one can see our peaceful protest. I always go to church and see everyone wearing white (netela) but all I see is black. I am surely young but I never would have thought to see a christian being killed for Christ. I am truly blessed to witness a martyrdom. Blessed is the Lord who gives, and takes away! May Christ change the hearts to good of the people who cause divisions. May he let us become saints and die for His name, amen. Please pray my friends for your brothers and sisters being persecuted. Please pray for me to have courage and for my peace. Please pray that I get into heaven. Please pray for us.


Please Lord allow me to pass my boards exam on the first time and to have peace, patience and know the information.



Lord please watch over my boards exam, allow me to get a stable job, when it is your timing. I know you have a path for me.



Lord please help my sister and send her the right person to start a family with. Please ease her stress and help her achieve her dreams. Please guard and guide her


Prayers for healing.


for my dear ex husband, Jeff…I’ve been praying for his salvation and waiting on God in hope for the marriage, but I’ve not had any contact from him since Sept 2021 until yesterday, when he responded to a business-related email, praise God! Pls pray for God to save, heal, and restore.


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