This is our prayer wall – a place where prayer requests are submitted and posted so that we can share in the blessing of praying for one another.


Please pray for my financial security, employment and peace of mind. Thank you


Please pray for all the lost sheep, that God may bless them, be with them, and guide them back to His way.


Please pray for child Thomas as he is having surgery tomorrow. May the Lord be with him.


Please Pray,

May God the Father be with my family members, Anthony, Theresa, Maria, Sebastian and my wife Jennifer and our child Aaiden and may the hand of God be upon us. May Jesus Christ bless us- use us- protect us -guide us, May the grace, peace, love, mercy, blessings and unity of Jesus Christ be with us. May Jesus Christ forgive us of all our sins and heal us spiritually, physically and mentally and financially and our past. May Jesus Christ deliver us from every sin-evil-curse-bondage and set us free. May Jesus Christ reveal his plan for my Life(Sebastian) and use me according to his will. Amen,


Infant Sebastian

Destinee was shot in head . Miraculous physical healing. Needs prayer for spiritual and emotional healing and God’s will for her life.


Pray of me and for my husband ,we need blessing. And I have some problems in my work and I need solution. Thanks and God hear your prayers


Please, that my husband will receive some good news regarding his health issues. He has prostate cancer and Parkinson’s.


Please God be with my husband to take the right decision about starting a busy with his friends, you know God we have four kids and we don’t own the money to start it but we will get loan or sell our stuff to try to afford the money. God please direct us through the right way if it’ll be good, let us go through. If it’ll cause troubles or frustration, please God stop it all the way from the beginning. Please God not for me but just for my husband and the kids,


Please pray over our twin babies. Please pray they are happy, healthy, viable and thriving. Please pray my body gives them everything they need.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, one God. Please pray for God to forgive my sins and to help me find a job in my profession. Please pray for me to not quite my job when it gets though. Please pray that I find an orthodox care giver for my children. Please pray to God that he heals all my relationships with family, friends and coworkers. Please pray that God protects my family from the evil one, from homosexuality, and from sin. Amen! God bless!

Ehte Yosef

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