This is our prayer wall – a place where prayer requests are submitted and posted so that we can share in the blessing of praying for one another.


It’s my first time seeing this prayer wall, and I think it’s absolutely beautiful. I felt so touched reading the prayers of everyone here, and my prayer is to ask for God’s blessing on each and every soul who has left a prayer here. We are all carrying our crosses, and for each of us they seem so heavy, no matter what the circumstances. May God bring us comfort and peace and enlightenment and strengthen our faith, and grant to each one according to his or her need as He knows best. May our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother and St Demiana and all the Saints be with us always!


Please pray for me so that I am able to come to visit the convent sometime soon.


Please pray for me and my fiance. We been having problems for a long time.ask ask God to helps us and sloves out problems and put peace in our hearts.


Please pray for me as I struggle in school… Everyone expects me to go into Dental School but I don’t think I have the grades to get me though. Even though I try my hardest, I just can not get good grades. Please pray for me to do better in school and not to feel pressured by the world. Pray that I have the strength to get through mt last year of college.


Please pray for my aunt, she miscarried her baby last week and her family needs healing. Please pray that God puts his hands on her soul, as well as the baby’s soul.


Please pray for my friend who had to her sons in prison and the third one is acting up, pray for them God can give them wisdom and for mother she can have strength


Please pray for my sister in law and her family they are escaping their home country to safe their life due to extortion husband was almost kill they had to make the hard decision to escape.


Please pray for my family that may God grant all of us his kingdom and make us his children.
Pray for Andrew and Christine that God may be with them in their education and grant them success.


Please pray for me that the baby I am having be a normal baby and God’s hand fixes everything that needs fixing and everything be ok for the glory of his name. Please also pray for my husband that God bless him and protect him and be with him always. Please also pray that God bless my kids and protect them and be with them always.


Please pray for me as a college student away from home and church that I may never lose sight of God and drift away


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