This is our prayer wall – a place where prayer requests are submitted and posted so that we can share in the blessing of praying for one another.




Please heal my knee, I don’t want the evil people in my life and protect my family from them , and let fatma mohoumd leave my brother in law for his kids and his wife and change his life and to be a good person




Please keep me in your prayers, my family going through tough time, pray God bless our home, and remove devil thoughts from us and put us together and bless us with child


Please god heals me from all my sickness speacily sleeping apnea, knee, diabetes, help my family and be with them in Egypt , heal my wife from bio polar disorder and gives her more energy to do things .



Guilt & depression. Guilt for not understanding what was needed to raise fsithfilled children & depression for not knowing where or how to fix it. I have no one to talk to about this as I am not close to a priest & they all seem to busy & confessional just won’t get it done.


Please pray for me because I really struggle with feeling the futility of life, trying to find a clear purpose in my work and finding a passion for a career that maximizes my talents and shows the light of Christ.
Please also pray for me that I can forgive my dad and heal our family.
I’m Praying for all you sisters, too. May God bless your work with more joy than you can imagine.


Please sisters pray for me to overcome depression as I worked very hard in the USA for 20 years have a beautiful wife and amazing 3 kids but recently I got involved in the stock market and sold all my assets and properties and lost it all ..Im now in a deep state of depression and tried so hard but cant come out of it I cant even get myself to go back to work..I’ve been out of work for 18 months I feel guilty for destroying my family’s future and dreams.

Mina Hanna

please pray for me to start my life as a teacher here in America and get a got position as an assistant teacher and finish my license exams to be certified . and also for my husband for God at work to give home good blessings in the eyes of supervisors and managers to let him work his hours to be able to meet our family needs .
pray too for our new home to be blessed with Jesus hands and saints covered from any evil and bad deeds . pray for my family daughters and kids to stuck to the church and Jesus all the time .pray for my family in Egypt to be happy and protected from evil expensiveness diseases and poverty . Amin


please nuns and congregation pray for me to be healed quickly and can walk upon my legs easily without pain , come back to work .
pray for me to find medicine which can relieve my lain and practice my life again


Please Pray for me Marize George and My fiance Emad mowad youssef to bless in our journey together and for him to arrive to the United States without complications soon so we can have arrive our wedding.

Marize George

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