Thank you Lord for being so kind. Thank you my love for dying on the cross for me. Thank you for experiencing so much pain for my sins. Please Lord, quickly make me a nunn. My soul thirsts for the monastic life but I am still young and my family will probably not agree and maybe my spiritual father also. Mother of my Savior, please pray for me so God can make me a saint. I know I am a sinner and I disappoint God, but nothing is impossible for God. I believe that He can make me a saint. Give me the fruits of the Spirit Lord. Comfort me Mother! Saint Merkorious, Saint George, please pray that the Lord can let me enter the monastic life quickly and forgive me my sins and let me enter the Kingdom. Please pray that I do well in school and get a 100 on my chemistry test. Tamav Erniy, make me just like you! Innocent and clean. I want to be obedient like you mother! Please, ask God to make me a saint. I want to be in His Holy Arms. Ask Him to let me enter the Kingdom and for me to be forgiven my sins. Comfort me Lord, and let me taste and be drunk on Your Love! St Demiana, make me like you! Steadfast and to the death with your faith! Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, Amen.


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