Hi, I need prayers for God's direction please. For God to fill my heart with Love instead of fear as I step out into His will. Anon91

I thank God for the good and the bad, He has allowed to happen in my life. He’s truly trust worthy, wise, and faithful. He’s calmed so many storms that were sure to drawn me with His grace so many times. He made my husband come and stay with me and the kids during this…

Please pray for y Daughter Mary and her kids Josh and Gio. May God unite them and save them from All evil Also Pray for Said, Janna, Francois and Stephanie Also For Mac and Christina , May God guide them and grant them blessed children Negwa E Brownfield

Please pray for my brother-in – law and sister, Due to the lock down, their company is going bankrupt & they have no way of supporting their children. Please pray that God upholds them in these tough times and provides a way. Please pray for his company. & please pray my brother accepts Christ and…

please pray for karam, nancy maggie and Abanoub Thank you so much Anonymous

Please pray for me that I obey and humble myself in the presence of the Lord, especially when He asks me to serve Him and His children. Please pray for me that God gives me the courage, strength, peace, guidance and wisdom to carry out His will, His purpose, His plan for my life. Please…

Need prayer to heal a broken hip by the grace of God and lengthen the leg to normal length. This happened during my service to my Lord Jesus Christ. Sandra

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