Thank God for all conditions, every condition and in every condition. Please pray for me that God would have mercy on me and forgive me. Please pray that I would be freed from all my sins, bad habits, and laziness. Pray that the Lord would remove all the desires of the world from my heart and guide me to His path (whatever it may be) and place His desires in my heart. I want to be like a soaring eagle, continuously free and praising God. Please pray that the Lord would free me and keep me from arragonce, low self-esteem, being self-absorbed, and constantly worrying about what other people think, or comparing myself to them and basing my satisfaction upon that. Pray that through God’s power I would do this on humility and be free in heaven forever. Pray for all my family, friends, loved ones, and everyone who’s been a part of my life that God may forgive them, fill them, and reward them with the heavenly gifts …

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