Please pray for my son that God guide his path into the college that would be best for him. Please pray for my niece that God be with her when she takes her MCAT test on September 24th for medical school .

I Thank you God for all the blessing you have given me and my family. Please pray for my spiritual strength. I keep running away from your home and doing things that I should not be. Merciful God Please forgive me. I pray that your blessing reaches to all calling your name and for Those…

Thank God for all conditions, every condition and in every condition. Please pray for me that God would have mercy on me and forgive me. Please pray that I would be freed from all my sins, bad habits, and laziness. Pray that the Lord would remove all the desires of the world from my heart…

I ask you to please pray for my family and myself. Help me find Light in this dark world. To guide and lift me for I am nothing without Him. I ask you to please pray that God may fulfil me with the Fruits of the Spirit because I can’t do this alone, for without…

Please pray for me to remain strong in faith and to grow spiritually everyday. IT seems as though every time I fall, I fall harder. Please keep me in your prayers!

Please thank God for me for what he has done for me. For his love, for his ways of telling me what to do and what is right, and for saving me no matter what. Please pray for everyone’s path to God to be successful. And please pray for me to become a contemplative nun…

Please please please pray for me and my whole family. And my church! Ask st. Wanas to help me please. I’m praying for you God bless you and everything you do.

Please pray for my daughters and for me to have faith in God and fear nothing. Please pray for my to be a patient and loving mother and wife

for health of my family . and to be free of financial burdens, and to bless with the right doctors for my family, and blessings for the world.

Please pray for my niece, Micheline, she is going through a depression and needs God’s light to shine in her life. Thank you so much. May God bless you all.

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