Can you pray for my mom and I to stay healthy and that I may stay in the faith despite my classes’ convincing information on other religions and no religion and that I may always belong to Jesus Christ despite my thoughts. Please pray for my bad thoughts to stop and for my mom’s bad thoughts to stop as well. Also please pray for my mom to stay in the faith. Please pray for my dad to also return to Christ. Pleae pray that Christ may give my mom and I a serving heart full of love for Christ. Please pray that my obsessive thoughts stop. Also please pray for Natalie’s parents who were sick with covid. Also please pray for covid to end or milden as well as for peace of mind and wisdom of all Christian people including my family. Please pray for the Ukraine and that we may not enter war but live in peace with all and please pray that the Christian faith may grow.

Is it ok if I send more prayer requests later?


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