I don’t want to live my life for myself but for the Father in the Heavens. I want to live my life for Christ with the Holy Spirit. I know I’m still young but I feel like I don’t have a future in this world. Like I don’t belong anywhere and whenever I’m doing something other than praying I feel guilty. I want to be able to think about and worship God 24/7. That is why I want to become a nunn but I have to wait until I finish college. I’ve been recieving signs from angels and the Holy Virgin recently and they make me so eager to go to Heaven. I have been praying for a dream from someone from the Heavens to tell me what I should do and to guide me to walk in the path that Jesus made for me. But there hasn’t been any dream regarding saints or anything from God. Sometimes I lose faith and I feel horrible but then my faith is restored after I see a sign. I want to be able to believe without signs like when Peter believed Jesus was resurrected without seeing the holes in his arms. I feel really guilty about this and I am just tired of this constant cycle of losing faith. Please pray that I can have faith like the Holy Virgin. May the Holy Virgin intercede for us Amen.


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