Dear Sisters,

This prayer request is for Megan. Megan will be 26 years old in September. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering, but she quit the company and her chosen career, and is headed up to Albany to obtain a certificate in Yoga Instruction. From there she plans to fly to Hawaii with a childhood friend and hang out for 6 months looking for odd work and hiking the Hawaiian countryside.

I pray for Megan because she struggles with her faith, giving more credence to Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot than to almighty God. I have also learned that she may be involved in witchcraft.

I told Megan that I pray for her daily and that I am hoping that she becomes deep rooted in Christianity. She said that she prays to god but not the same God that I pray to. Astrology is her god. Please ask that God free her from these demons and lead her to the truth. May God sprinkle her with His love and draw her closer to Him.

Megan and I had once talked about serving the homeless and other people in need of basic human necessities, but all hope of doing that with the help of Megan has seemed to have vanished. Please pray that Megan will return to her faith and return to me to serve the less fortunate along with other special people ready to answer God’s call. I also seek prayers to complete this worthy cause.

Megan has caused me so much pain, and yet I can’t stop praying that she rejects Satan and returns to the way she once was. Please intervene. Megan is precious. Come Holy Spirit. One thing only there was for which I desire to linger in this life: to see Megan a Christian before I die.


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