My friend has been struggling with serious issues regarding depression and anger. She struggles to find peace because she looks in the wrong place. She’s angry at everyone but Ik its mostly God she’s angry at. I personally need prayer regarding my life with Christ because I also struggle with talking to God given that it results in me just feeling dumb every time I talk to him. But back to my friend, she needs prayers. She struggles with a victim mentality that I can’t get her out of and I’m concerned for her mental health. She sets wrong priorities and I don’t know what to do. Ive considered everything like talking to her father of confession, moving churches, getting rid of all social media and communication and even the convent. She’s actually considering the convent. I was currently trying to look at registration but I don’t know how. I’ll speak to my father of confession though. Anyways please pray for her and us in general. Pray for our whole society for God knows what they internally struggle with that they can’t battle themselves. Thank you so much.


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