Lord, I really need you in my life right now I know I lost my relationship with you I try every day to get closer to you, and its starting to work but I really need you in my life right now I know you don’t leave anyone at their lowest and right now I’m at the deep bottom and in the worst mental health condition right now please with your open arms take me back lord I really need you back into my life and heal me from the pain. Please lord guide me in my studies you know how much I need my score to get into a good college and let my family rejoice in happiness, they go through the worst for me and my brother and to live a good healthy life every day and the best I can do for them is score well on my exam and do well in my normal schooling every day please guide me and stick with me when I need you the most. Thank you lord really for everything please keep giving me chances to get closer to you and to talk to you more. Amen


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