This is our prayer wall – a place where prayer requests are submitted and posted so that we can share in the blessing of praying for one another.


please pray for me that God may help me through finals and help me figure out who i want to be.

Please pray for our Lord to forgive me and accept me. Please Pray for my older son to be able to control his temper and become closer to our Lord Jesus Christ and attend the church. Please prayers to protect my younger daughter as I am always concerned and worried. I also need prayers for guidance to guide myself and my children to the right track . Thank you

Please pray for my daughter Annasimone for her ear surgery tomorrow Tuesday Dec. 22, 2015 that God, through the intercession of Saint Mary and Saint Demiana, direct the surgeon’s hand to be a successful surgery.

Please pray for my son’s temper that he uses on me. We have had a falling out with his anger. I have no family since this has happened. Thank you.

Please pray that I may learn to give unto the Lord the will of my life. That I may allow Him to take me into His arms and direct my paths as a fellow worker in His Kingdom and as His beloved daughter. May I learn to trust in the exceeding abundance He promises through eternity.

Please pray for me that God will bring people into my life that I may no longer be lonely and alone.

Please pray that the Lord keep our faith as well as our children’s as we are struggling inside the church and very stumbling by the priests and the people.

Please pray i join a convent very soon
Thank You

Please pray for the prayer requests mentioned on this wall.

Please pray that God may heal my 2 children. My daughter, 6, suffers from multiple and severe food allergies (dairy, eggs,nuts and seafood) and environmental and seasonal allergies as well. My son, 9 suffers from seasonal & environmental allergies. We live to keep them safe from what to them is very dangerous substance. pray for healing so that we can all eat together without fear all our family meals. Please pray that God restore the health of this great nation as allergies are on the rise in many western countries and many young children are suffering and no one yet knows why the sudden spike in allergic children. Please pray they are healed and whatever we may have done to alter children immunity be known and cured.

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