This is our prayer wall – a place where prayer requests are submitted and posted so that we can share in the blessing of praying for one another.


please pray for my youngest daughter to come closer to Jesus that he becomes her road and goal in life.

Pray for us because we give offer for buy a house and we waiting to get answer by Friday and we love and hope to have it and we need pray for us and for all my family to do what God willing for us .and i will receive new job position and i will start in end of this month-pray for my kids to be the sons of God.thanks a lot and God bless your convent . Adel Elbaradei family

Please Lord guide me back into Your Heavenly arms and allow to step onto the path of eternal life again. Forgive my many sins and allow me to build a relationship with you and to truly feel your presence at all times. Lord guide all the lost youth and help us in time of applying and getting into University. Amen.

I ask prayer for victory in life repel hindering forces on my life restore my life I claim Psalm107 in Jesus Name

Please pray for my son Tyler who has battled Ewings Sarcoma (bone cancer) for 8 years (since he was 16). Pray for strength, restoration, wisdom and complete healing. Pray for us as parents as well for our strength and for strong faith to keep us through this ordeal.

Please pray for my son that God guide his path into the college that would be best for him.

Please pray for my niece that God be with her when she takes her MCAT test on September 24th for medical school .

I Thank you God for all the blessing you have given me and my family. Please pray for my spiritual strength. I keep running away from your home and doing things that I should not be. Merciful God Please forgive me. I pray that your blessing reaches to all calling your name and for Those who needs you desperately. Thank you God. Please keep my family safe.

Thank God for all conditions, every condition and in every condition. Please pray for me that God would have mercy on me and forgive me. Please pray that I would be freed from all my sins, bad habits, and laziness. Pray that the Lord would remove all the desires of the world from my heart and guide me to His path (whatever it may be) and place His desires in my heart. I want to be like a soaring eagle, continuously free and praising God. Please pray that the Lord would free me and keep me from arragonce, low self-esteem, being self-absorbed, and constantly worrying about what other people think, or comparing myself to them and basing my satisfaction upon that. Pray that through God’s power I would do this on humility and be free in heaven forever. Pray for all my family, friends, loved ones, and everyone who’s been a part of my life that God may forgive them, fill them, and reward them with the heavenly gifts …

I ask you to please pray for my family and myself. Help me find Light in this dark world. To guide and lift me for I am nothing without Him. I ask you to please pray that God may fulfil me with the Fruits of the Spirit because I can’t do this alone, for without Him, I am nothing. I ask you to pray to God to lead me on the right path, according to His will. Not mine. Because I know what He has for me is better than what I have for myself but I ask for wisdom, strength, joy and love. I ask for God to help me find who I am and what my purpose in this world is. To help me in my relationship with him, and my studies. I also ask you to keep my church, St. Mary’s, in your prayers.

Thank you.

Please pray for me to remain strong in faith and to grow spiritually everyday. IT seems as though every time I fall, I fall harder. Please keep me in your prayers!

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