Altar prayers and for the Mothers
1. Peace in the Coptic Church in USA and wisdom and humility for its leaders. Remove jealousy, gossip, any false teachings, and all the attacks of the enemy. Pray for spiritual revival in our churches and for the youth.
2. Our nation and its leaders. Including widespread feelings hatred and polarization. Movement of selfishness. Issues with mental health, addiction, and loneliness. Acceptance of sexual promiscuity and pornography. Economic distress, poverty, and troubles in healthcare, airline industry, stock market, etc.
3. My family. My amazing mother. My father with Jesus in heaven. My pregnant sister and her upcoming labor/delivery and new motherhood. My sister and her new relationship and job search. My grandmother and her health issues.
4. My relationship with my future spouse. Help us to pursue Jesus together. Increase our faith. Make our future home a stronghold and place of God's presence and strength. Be with her family.

Through intercessions of St. Mary and St. Demiana.


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