first off, I respect you so much for taking on the role of a prayer life. Thank you for never ceasing and fighting the good fight for everyone in the world.
I want to be strong like when Jesus was tempted on the mountain. I want to be spiritually strong enough and have full faith, with no fear so that I can do that too.
“Let it be according to Your will God and not according to mine.”
Pray that I’m closely attuned to His voice and guidance. I don’t want to be in the dark alone, I want to be in light with Him.
I want to continue growing in Him and have the grace/patience to let HIs will unravel at the perfect time.
But the main thin I ask in prayer is that I don’t forget Him because of worldly stuff.
I want to be very firm and never lose sight or forget Him.
And Lastly, pray for me to learn how to pray. and have faith. For some reason i’m in constant communcation with the Holy Spirit, it’s been teaching me and i have faith in that, it makes me happy, yet, I feel weird vocally praying and figuring out how to pray for others (i usually just say “God, take care of __ they’re important to You and to me …” and like try to send energy.
I feel like I’m doing the wrong thing all the time
This may be a Satanic Attack over my mind to keep me away rom experiencing the fullness of God..
I’m only at the begging in my walk with God
Pray that the thought “this is crazy, there’s no way He’s really here. Why? why? whyyyy? has there been so much proof in my life yet there are moments, daily, I don’t want to face that my mind can’t wrap around existence and the world. God is unveiling the whole world. And I KNOW this, but something in me is still confused. I want to be saved from myself . that’s the final
oh and also for godly friends to support each other


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