May God help and heal the sick. May He grant them comfort inside and out. Please oh Lord we ask you to bless this year for us. Bless our hearts our minds. Please Lord grant us strength that we may overcome our many sins, the sins of thoughts, sights, smells, ears, mouth, lying cursing, bad thoughts and bad emotions. Please God grant us forgiveness. Grant us peace. Grant us mindfulness and good thoughts. Please oh Lord give us strength to over come the devilish thoughts that try to weaken us. Please oh Lord shine your light into our hearts. Please oh Lord, just as you opened the eyes of the blind man, just as you returned the prodigal son, just as you went to the Samaritan woman, just as you forgave the woman who washed your feet with her tears and wiped it with the hairs of her head please oh Lord open the eyes of the world that they may see Your great love. Please oh Lord come into our hearts and shine Your light that we may only see Your light and that the darkness departs from our hearts. Please oh Lord open Your house again to us. We know we did a lot of bad things and we did not pray to you nor give you Your time, we learned our lesson and are asking out of all our hearts please open to us Your house again that we may partake of Your precious blood and holy body.

May God bless us and bless this year for us and our families!!


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