May God help and heal the sick. May He grant them comfort inside and out. Please oh Lord we ask you to bless this year for us. Bless our hearts our minds. Please Lord grant us strength that we may overcome our many sins, the sins of thoughts, sights, smells, ears, mouth, lying cursing, bad…

Please pray for me so that God can give me wisdom and discernment on which path I should take for my future career. I want to do God’s will, not my will. Whichever job God wants me to do, I will do it, and I will gladly accept it with service, humility and obedience. Anonymous

Pray for the bishops around the world. Guide and strengthen them in their services for their congregation. Anonymous

Please pray with me, that God may protect my father MN as he continues to go to work during the virus outbreak. Pray that God protects him and keeps him safe and surrounded by His holy angels. Pray for Nevine, that God may heal her cancer and bring her home. Pray for Makram, that God…

Pray for me that I may come to desire God’s will, that I may not conflate God’s will with my own and pray for action to follow my words so that they may not be empty. dn

Please pray for me: 1. That God would help me with my salvation. That I could resist all the works of satan and be able to control my feelings and emotions. 2. That God would guide me to His will and to show me if consecration is the right path for me. Anonymous

Please pray for God to: – continue giving me His understanding & wisdom – humble me – let it be according to His will in my career life and relationships PG

Please pray for me and my family that God may bless us. Anonymous

Please let us all pray for the whole wide world in regards to the Coronavirus. Pray the Lord has mercy and compassion for everyone effected in this devastating time. Please God forgive us of all our sins. Help us to repent and live righteous lives that is pleasing to you Lord. Anonymous

Please pray for me to overcome a very bad eating disorder that has enslaved and crippled me for over 20 years. By the power and glory of God, He will help me to overcome this situation. Please pray for this. Thank you and God bless. J

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