Please pray for my sister AnaSemon طلب صلاه من أجل أختي اناسيمون إن ربنا يفرح قلبها ويريحها من اتعابها🙏 Anonymous

Jesus please give B healing from her pain and peace from all the trauma she has suffered. Please give her a loving home free from distress. Please give her a new job and a stable life so that she can focus on her family. Please protect her son from harm and remove the obstacles in…

Thank You Lord for dying on the cross for me. Please take away my anxiety and stress about confession and reveal to me what I am supposed to say and what I don’t have to say. Take away my overthinking please. Thank you Lord. Please Holy Virgin Mary pray for me and comfort me with…

I don’t know what to do anymore and im really confused and feel hopeless. I just want Him. Im so unclean and I sin much. I am actually loosing hope it feels horrible. I want to go to a nunnery and live my life in solitude with Him but its so many years away until…


Jesus please give my friend A a new job. Please take care of her and give her what she needs. Please carry her and show her where to go. St Mary and St Demiana, please intercede for her. Amen. Anonymous

My Lord, I thank you for my family. I thank you for my 2 sons. I plea you to hear my voice, listen to my prayers. My son is confused about love and feelings. He is a young teen so obsessed with a girlfriend to the point that he is totally blinded by his emotions….

I pray for the peace of the world. May God help everyone suffering in the Wars happening. Please remember me a sinner for God to guide me in my life decisions and help me find the direction for my life. Oh Merciful God listen to the prayers of the saints and help us live like…

Jesus please take care of my loving and kind Godmother who has done so much for me. Please bless her and take care of her health. St Mary and St Demiana please intercede for her. Anonymous

Jesus please protect my cousin and give her peace. Give her what is good for her and bless her family also. Through the intercession of St Mary and St Demiana please give my cousin her true path. Anonymous

Please pray that I get a score over 1400 on the psat test. If I do, I will give a hand made icon to this convent. Please Holy Virgin Mary pray for me so I can achieve this score and make my mom and family happy. May Your will be done Christ. anonymous

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