Jesus please help my friend through her struggles. She is feeling lost right now and she needs guidance and a clear path forward for her life. Please shine your light on her suffering and show her how much you love her. Please take care of her and her family. Anonymous

Jesus please heal N’s illness as she is very sick and doctors don’t know what is wrong. She has suffered for so many years. She needs You in her life. Please bring peace to her life. Please bless her with good health. Anonymous

Please pray for me as I struggle with severe depression, anxiety, and panic attacks that negatively impact my life. Please pray that nothing bad happens due to my panic attacks and that I never pass out or anything bad happens while I am driving. Please pray that God heals me from these mental illnesses or…

Lord, I really need you in my life right now I know I lost my relationship with you I try every day to get closer to you, and its starting to work but I really need you in my life right now I know you don’t leave anyone at their lowest and right now I’m…

Lord, help me find my path in life, and may my light shine so bright that it will please you. Help me to be a meek and humble person, clothed with the Spirit of wisdom, revelation and understanding. May I also grow into gray hairs in good shape, and do invigorate my family too. PapaInno

Fervently pray for the Lord to release my prodigal husband from the hands of the evil one who steals and destroys. Unite with my daughters and me and pray for victory soon. Only God can do the impossible and give us more than we ask for. Ephesians 3:20! Caroline

I need help carrying my cross. Can you pray for strength and diligence? I feel so weak in the face of everything. I hear but don’t do. I need help π’“π’†π’”π’Šπ’”π’•π’Šπ’π’ˆ sin – pride, lust, envy vainglory. How long will I be here … same everything. Different people. Same people. Burdened by sin, laying in…

Jesus please guide and protect Joyce. Show her how to leave her difficult situation. Bless her and help her. Anonymous

please pray for me. I have been struggling for years with anxiety and depression. I also have social anxiety and it’s very hard to go to church and have to deal with this. My family life is also bad and I experience so much pain daily. My relationship with God has suffered much because of…

Jesus please help D come back to you and return to church. Please help the whole family in this difficult time. Please protect them and guide them and bless them. Guard them with angels and keep them safe. Anonymous

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